How to clean your sneakers by hand or in the washing machine

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They are limited editions from the collection or for all the days, even the sneakers they need care to last long and be ‘as new’.

Accompany us since the first steps, and represent in every occasion, the distinctive feature of the style of the wearer.

The sneakers, known until a few years ago as ‘tennis shoes’ or simply “sneakers”, enclose the non plus ultra in technology, comfort and design in fashion.

They are limited editions from the collection or for all the days, even the sneakers they need care to last long and be ‘as new’.

Kissneakers, in addition to selecting the best sneakers in the world, leaves you some special advice for cleaning your shoes.

How to clean sneakers in washing machine

It is the fastest way and less demanding to clean your sneakers, but it is important to check the internal label to be sure that it is the type of cleaning suited to your shoes.

Remove laces and wipe the shoes with a brush to remove dirt from the surface then get yourself an old pillowcase and some towel: put the sneakers in a pillowcase along with the towels, to protect them from impact with the basket during the wash.

Detergent for delicates, and cold wash for delicate garments are essential for a cleaning that does not ruin the material during the cycle in the washing machine.

Clean gym shoes to hand

If you prefer a bit of good elbow grease to get your sneakers shining, you'll have to get a couple of essential products: Marseille soap, or liquid soap, baking soda and dish detergent.

Rub the shoe with the soap, and for the more resistant stains, use the detergent and / or a cream cleaner to footwear. Rinse in warm water and rubbed with a sponge to the top part, and with a brush the sole.

Wash the insoles in warm water and soap, and to eliminate any bad smells dip them in water and baking soda.

Laces to be washed separately, will find their brilliance with a tablespoon of baking soda in the hot water.

Clean gym shoes

Let dry the shoes in the open air, without exposing them to the sun directly, or, during the winter, near a heat source, and protected by sheets of newspaper or towels to protect it to the best. And with a few drops of essential oil or a few peels of citrus fruit inside your sneaker will have a fresh aroma and pleasant for a long time.

In a few easy steps your shoes will come back like new!

But, sneakers, you know, are never enough. Discover the selection of Kissneaers, the best brands and models for true connoisseurs.


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