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The first thing to tackle to get in the way, is the choice of the right model of shoes. It can seem trivial, but often does not give the right weight to this instrument (because the instrument is what it is), but there is nothing more important than the “house” of our feet, which can often make the difference between an experience outdoor enjoyable, or a journey of suffering and pain.

Beauty is not everything

The first concept to introduce is that beauty is not a suitable parameter to guide the choice, let us not forget that it is a “technical equipment”, what interests is not the aesthetics but the comfort and performance. As for today, the appearance of domains a large part of our choices, you will find yourself cursing the beautiful color or the particular shape, when a bladder will annoy your hiking trip

            You need to be ready, however, even this possibility with a backpack, well-equipped

There is a shoe absolute best, simply because each of us is based on a unique model of the feet, with features that are unique, that you would see in a shoe to measure the best solution. But, the costs of these items, it is best to leave them to those who professionally must travel hundreds of miles on foot each year.

The shoes are the main tool for the trekker, which can save you.

At this stage it is appropriate to keep in mind some important rules, especially for those who think that they are going to walk several times during the year. Basic each trekker usual should have in her is provided with at least two pairs of shoes:

  • A heavier, more rigid and with a good bandage to the ankles, with a very good thermal insulation, suitable for humid climates and cold, for hiking in winter on the snow and, maybe, to be able to use crampons and snowshoes
  • Another suitable for hiking in hot weather, very breathable and lightweight, which ensures a great mobility and freedom of movement, thanks to a structure more low, provided that the sole is able to bear the impact of the rocky soil and harsh.

The hiking boots winter need to ensure thermal insulation and water resistance for use even in extreme conditions.

The foregoing helps us to understand how the choice of a shoe from the trekking will start from the location that you want to do in his company, from the climate that you will encounter and the duration of the excursion.

The shoe must be chosen having in mind the use that you will do

Definitely “touch” is an important aspect in making the selection of the best of the shoe, but before buying you need to test some technical elements, that respond to some fundamental rules that every good pedula must comply with:

  • Comfort
  • Breathability and water resistance
  • Lightness
  • Performance

Thanks to the technological developments in the materials with which we produce the technical footwear from hiking, the comfort and the lightness of the now go hand-in-hand with great performances, giving fans shoes that fit the foot like a glove of velvet, without resistance, thermal insulation and breathability to suffer.

A fundamental element, which affects all four of the rules cited is the sole. The evolution in the techniques of construction of the outsole and the midsole (see the Vibram soles) provide twists minimum, excellent lateral traction, even in circumstances of support difficult, a great capacity of absorption of stress, shock and roughness of the terrain and, last but not least, optimal grip, even on wet soil and slippery.


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